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Digicom Michelangelo Office Pro v

Modem/Router ADSL con Switch 4 porte e VLAN

Modello: Michelangelo Office PRO V      Codice: 8E4176

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Michelangelo OFFICE Pro V is an ADSL2/2+ Router with built-in Firewall and a 4 ports Switch 10/100, ideal for Internet protected access over ADSL and for the remote sharing of company resources.

It integrates security functions: Firewall Stateful Packet Inspection, MAC Filtering, Intrusion Detection, Denial of Service, Domain and KeywordFiltering with Scheduling.
Michelangelo OFFICE Pro V supports the VPN (Virtual Private Networks) with encryption protocols and IPSec or L2TP/PPTP authentication.

Technical Specifications

ADSL2/2+ Router
– Firewall Stateful Packet Inspection
– Autosensing 10/100 Mbps 4 ports switch
– WEB Browser remote and local configuration
– Telnet remote and local configuration
– Local configuration via serial port console
– MIB-I and MIB-II SNMP support
– WEB firmware update

-Maximum downstream: 24 Mbps (ADSL2+), 8 Mbps (dmt)
– Maximum upstream: 1 Mbps (ADSL2+), 1 Mbps (dmt)
– ADSL standard: ADSL2+, ADSL2, DELT, READSL2, ADSL Full-rate ANSI T1.413 Issue 2, G.dmt, G.lite, G.hs
– Supported protocols: RFC 2364 (PPP over ATM), RFC 2516 (PPP over Ethernet), RFC 1483 (Bridged e Routed Ethernet over ATM)
– ATM UNI3.1/4.0 PVC, ATMSAR, ATM AAL5 and OAM F5 support

– NAT, Multinet, Virtual Server and DMZ support
– Static Routing and RIP1/2
– Universal Plug & Play UPnP support
– Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) support
– SNTP, DNS Relay and IGMP proxy
– DHCP Server/Client/Relay support

– Built-in Firewall and Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
– Protection from DoS IP Spoofing attack, Land Attack, Smurf Attack, Ping of Death, TCP SYN Flood
– Packet Filtering on port, origine/destination IP Address, MAC address
– URL Filtering on strings in names and domains

– VPN support on IPSec (IKE, DES, 3DES and AES)
– Built-in VPN L2TP/PPTP Client and Server
– MPPE encryption support for PPTP
– Output and input VLAN support
– VPN PassThrough for L2TP/PPTP/IPSec